Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quidditch answers

1. What was Harry dreaming about the first time he woke up with his scar on fire?

b.Voldemort and Wormtail plotting to kill him

2. What is the problem with leprechaun gold?

a. It vanishes after a few hours

3. Why did Mad-Eye Moody turn Malfoy into a ferret?

c. Malfoy attached Harry when Harry's back was turned

4. Sirius warns Harry to be careful around Karkaroff because he had been a Death Eater. Which one of the professors at Hogwarts, who also used to be a Death Eater, is frequently bothered by Karkaroff?(Answer is One Word, Last Name Only)


5. Voldemort could have used the blood from any foe to make the potion that revived him work, but he held out for Harry's blood. Why?

c. The special protection Harry received from his mother would also pass to Voldemort

6. How old would Frank have been on his next birthday?
d. 77

7. Amos Diggory works for?
b. The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

8. Who shared a carriage with the three friends on the way from the train to Hogwarts?Answer: (One Word)

9. What date in October did the delegates from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive?
a. 30th

10. What color were Percy's dress robes at the Yule Ball?
a. Navy Blue

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Mr. Ollivander
Mad-Eye Moody
World Cup Tournament
Dark Mark

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can it already be Tuesday?

Tomorrow starts the first round of quidditch and I am so nervous!!! I haven’t played since I was a girl. I hope I can help Ravenclaw come out of last place. I can’t believe we are in last place!! Hopefully everyone is getting used to writing in the diary every week and we can come up from behind. I have really been enjoying my time with the other Ravenclaws. Even though I am not as young as some of them, I remember what it was like to be a first year at Hogwarts, away from my parents for the first time and learning about our fascinating world of magic.
I think my spoilee will be most pleased when I send my owl out to her, or at least I hope she will. I just ordered some more adornments for some of the special extras I am going to include. I find that she is new to sock knitting, so I want to make sure she has everything she needs to get started and be the best accessorized Gryffendor sock knitter. Still waiting for yarn swatches, but I have found a back up yarn in case I don’t like any of the samples. Well better go study up for quidditch tomorrow!! Emma

Friday, January 25, 2008

Another week behind me

It was another very busy week for me. My advanced potions study is coming along very well. However the headmistess does not seem at all happy about a few of us trying to improve the potency of the butter beer provided here at Hogwarts. I saw Lucious Malfoy in the castle the other day. Apparently he is offering up a prize for a house contest they are having. After staring at him as long as I dared, I wondered to myself, why are all the hotties in Slytherin? Maybe I am just really intriged by the "bad boys". Good thing I married a Hufflepuff! Speaking of Slytherin, I found out the person spoiling me is in Slytherin. I am very excited, the ladies of Slytherin house seem to be very talented. I have been admiring some of their knitting projects and stitch markers. It is not the same Hogwarts as when I attened as a young girl. There finally seems to be a little more unity amoung the houses. I am sure this is what the founders had in mind when they started the houses.
I still need to purchase the sock yarn for my spoilee, I am awaiting some swatches that I have asked for. I know the brand of needles I would like to get for her, but I will hold off ordering until I know what size will best suit the yarn. I have decided on a pattern for her as well. I need to pick that up. I am planning on casting on the bag next week. I found the most wonderful Gryffendor colors. They are very rich looking I can't wait to start. I have been having so much fun getting all the things I need for spoiling. Since I am buying a pattern and spending the bulk of my budget on the sock yarn, I have decided to do a lot of handmade items for my spoilee. I would rather give her usefull items that will help her remember this fabulous term at Hogwarts, than fill the box with sweets.
I am getting very excited about our first round of Quidditch next week. My son Grompton is also very excited and wants to help me look for the snitch. Can you tell who his hero is? Emma

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ravenclaw Quiz #2

This was a hard one. I always have problems with word scrambles being such a poor speller, but I am glad I finished it today and won't have it hanging over my head. I have a busy weekend coming up. Saturday I am doing some creative photo archiving for muggle studies, and I am taking a knitting class on how to make magical mittens. Should be fun. Here are my answers hope they are all spelled correctly.

1.Triwizard Tournament
2.Hungarian Horntail
3. madeye mooney (though i am not sure it is right) EDIT: Should be Madeye Moody
4.Rita Skeeter
9.Butter Beer
10. Firebolt (I was stuck on this for about an hour!!!!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My quiz answers

OK I really hate leaving my homework until the last minute, but this first week back at school was way to hectic. All I can say about this week is good thing I practice "constant vigalence" and don't eat pasteries that 7th years offer me. Turning into a canary would have made this week even more hectic. Here are my answers to the quiz.

1. 4 ravenclaw housmates patronous
Eagle-Ferula Vector
Badger-Ophelia Hopktik
Ram-Cecilia kettleburn
Mountain Lion-Selina Starflame

BTW-I am not going to share my Patronus form with my housemates. I want to use it to spy on the Gryffendor I will be spoiling to get more ideas for her gift box :)

2.who attended first knitting meeting
Elanor Cadogan
Gabriella Clearwater
Fleur Lovegoods
Cassandra Hopkirk
Millicent Brocklehurst
Minerva Kwikspell
Enid Black
Allitrya spelling
Mafalda Ackerley
Serafina Starfire

3. Who knits with peacock feathers
Fleur Lovegoods (and I am so impressed!)

4. Who attended the hogwarts costume ball on New Years Eve?
Me-Emma Diggory (I am still dreaming about those pumpkin pasties)

5. Who got the first howler
Lavender Ackerly-it happens to the best of us!

6. Name 5 different woods in wands and who owns them
Birch-Ferula Vector
Holly-Ophelia Hopkirk
Oak -Selina Starflame
Maple-Selina starfire
Cherry-Emma Diggory

7. Who got the toe nail flavored every flavor bean
Serafina starfire (they do mean every flavor don't they?)

8. Who overslept
Esmerelda Beanswallow

9. Who's blog has the Ravenclaw Anthem
Miverna Kwikspell

10. Who has a muggle cell phone
Victoria black.

Finally got my wand.

Wood type: cherry
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Dragon Heartstring

get your own wand!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A frazzled first week (and it isn't even over yet!)

My first week back at Hogwarts has been hectic to say the least. I had forgotten how aggressive the study schedule was, and now I am trying to juggle school, family and work all at the same time. Monday night I was so engrossed in my potions homework assignment from Proff. Black that I neglected to check the Ravenclaw common room board and didn’t find out about our quiz until the next day. Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a chest cold and decided to stay home and rest. I had planned to use the day off to work on the quiz, but I turned on my muggle computer and fell asleep before it had ….what is the term…booted on? Anyway I did not have the energy to read the blogs of my fellow Ravenclaws. I am hoping to get it done tomorrow. I am so scandalized that I have not yet started the quiz, when usually I am right on top of things like that.
I have decided to use the Sock swap to my advantage at School as well. I am going to use the project as an objective experience in muggle knitting. I am not going to use magic to knit the bag, but I will use my hands in the way that muggles do. This, I feel, will give me greater insight into how the muggles live without the use of magic. I am also planning on trying my hand at some muggle embroidery for the kit as well. I only hope it turns out well. I am pretty skilled at magical embroidery and I can’t seem to figure out how the muggles ever find the time to work on projects such as these.
Well I better get back to work. I am going to stop by the hospital wing tonight and see if I can get some of Madame Pomfrey’s pepper pot solution. That should do the trick! Emma

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to School

I received the name of my Hogwarts sock swap partner today. I am so excited, she is a Gryffindor. I already had in mind the bag I wanted to make and I thought it would look really good with the Gryffindor colors. So far the other Ravenclaws that I have met in the swap are very nice. Everyone is very excited about this swap, I am so glad that Molly let me in on it. I will have to consult with here where she gets her yarn from though.
I went to visit the school last week. It is still mostly the same as I remember it although the faces have changed. It doesn’t seem like Hogwarts without Proff. Dumbledor though. The place just doesn’t have the same “sparkle” that it used to. Although I am sure whoever is chosen as the new headmaster will give it their own brand of sparkle. I also managed to make it down to the potions dungeon for a peak around. Potions was by far my favorite subject (after all I grew up to be a potions mistress!). I am very saddened about the fate that has befallen Proff. Snape. I know he wasn’t always the nicest of people, and I know he often played favorites, which is unfair, but in my years at Hogwarts he was good to me. He saw my potions potential and helped me delve more deeply into the art of potion making. He was very, very gifted potions master, sadly he obviously got involved with the wrong crowd.
Anyway, we have a very busy weekend ahead of us, and I was hoping for a quiet weekend at home and continue cleaning and organizing our new home. Oh well, at least I can start planning the contents of my swap package properly now. Emma

Monday, January 7, 2008

A busy weekend

We spent this weekend trying to get our life back in order now that the holidays are over. My husband Rodolphus was working like a house elf yesterday taking all the Christmas decorations down while my son helped by playing with the toys he got. I was busy yesterday in the kitchen making food for the coming week. My husband and I were able to have a lot of quality time to ourselves this weekend and it was quite rare. Grompton had a playdate with a friend from Hogwarts pre-school and Rodolphus and I were able to do some leisurly shopping in Diagon Alley. Too bad I don’t know which house my partner is in yet, I saw a few things that would go nicely in my swap kit. I will have to return to that store if I remember after partner assignments are made. Saturday night I attended a post holiday party given by Rodolphus’ home office. They recently received a contract with the Ministry to help restore the landscapes destroyed by all of the horrible destruction of the Dark lord and his followers. It is good work, and much needed but he is traveling 3 times a week to the ministry which makes for a very long commute. The party was very nice and I always enjoy spending time with his co-workers. They are a very knowledgable group of witches and wizards and I am very interested in the work that they do. They are also eager to hear about my work with potions for the ministry.
This week I hope to get some of my unfinished projects done in order to get ready for my swap assignment. I already know what kind of bag I will make for my partner, I just need to determine house colors. I am planning a felted bag and then needle felt the animal that is the symbol of the house, in the center. This swap is so exciting, and I really look forward to connecting with my fellow Ravenclaws. Emma

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years at Hogwarts

Last night my son Grompton and my Husband Rodolphus went to Hogwarts anual New Years Eve costume ball. It was an especially good one this year as we have much to celebrate now that he who must not be named has been defeated. There were many people last night paying tribute to the heros that have fallen achieving this. Our hosts were dressed as Lupin and Tonks. There was also a fellow dressed as mad eye moody, and a Sirus Black. It makes me sad that only now do we know that he was wrongly accused and should have been treated as a hero and not with fear and distain. There were also a few who chose to dress as those who were defeated. I saw Molly and Arthur last night and had to thank Molly for her pattern for those great sweaters she always makes for her family. My little Grompton was wearing his last night, he chose to dress as his hero Harry Potter. Molly is doing surprisinly well after the loss of her dear Fred. She and Arthur have a new baby girl and they looked as happy as could be. Hermionie was there as well, and it was good to see her. A real surprise was to see Gilderoy Lockhart who had a one day pass from St. Mungo's to attend the party. He was the same as always.
I am glad the ordeal of the last year is behind us , but I must say I am a little dissapointed about not being able to read about the adventures of Harry Potter in the daily prophet. I think it is good that they finally let him live in peace, but was always so fun to read all the new stories about him. I have saved all the past articles and are just happy to reread all the old stories.

Molly has gotten me involved is a great knitting swap with other witches and I am really looking forward to it. I am hoping this new year will bring lots of relaxation.