Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let the games begin!!!

I got my super excellent kit yesterday when I came home from work for my dinner break. What a fabulous games kit. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the cutest little crochet fox, made to look like my patronus.Battleship was a favorite game of mine as a kid and we will definately play it in the car this weekend when we go over the (Delaware)River and through the woods to granma's house. My son can't wait to play go fish and crazy eights and his old bedroom was decorated with Cars, so good call. The mini playing card set is sooo cute and they will fit nicely in my purse :) The yarn, THE YARN is so beatiful. I have the hardest time finding good purple sock yarn and this is self striping too, my favorite. My husband keeps laughing at me everytime I pass the yarn I have to pet it. There are no pictures of the coffee or the dove chocolates. I have already started drinking the organic coffee (which is yummy) and my husband took the chocolates with him to work. My son immediately went to work on the bertie bots but he stopped after he hit a cheese flavored bean!
Now I know the stickers were meant for scrapbooking, but I found a much better use for them, and this way I can see them everyday. I put them on the dashboard of my Beetle. The pictures are below but please ignore how badly my car needs to be cleaned!

Thank You Poppy so much for this really awsome games kit!!!!

by the way...ewww I just had a pizza flavored jelly bean. Ick

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ooops behind on posting

Things have been busy over here. The ministry has switched me over to 2nd shift and my days and nights are all confused. The blocking stage of my handmade project did not come out as I had hoped and some of the felting was also not as desired. I am not trying to fix and redesign in order to get my owl out the door with the kit tomorrow. I have the whole day to work on it, I just hope I can get it to something I am happy with giving to Poppy. I think this project might have been a bit over ambitious for a 5 week swap, but then that is how I roll :)