Thursday, April 29, 2010

busy week for the snakes

I am soooooo excited about our first Quidditch match this weekend against Ravenclaw. It is a little wierd playing against my old house, but at least I know they will make it an interesting game. I have been brushing up on my Potter trivia because knowing them they have had their beaters in the library for weeks coming up with the most obscure trivia they can find :) Being Slytherins we can just rely on our mad skills and immense talent so I am not at all worried ;)
On the kit front I think I may have found a pattern book I am happy with. Still have NO IDEA what yarn to get. Maybe I will just get the book delivered by Owl and then send the poor bird out for some fantastic yarn to compliment it. Everything else is coming along fine and I am hoping to get my handmade items done by the end of next week.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

homework free!!!!

I am so excited to watch the first quidditch match of the term this weekend. I am glad we aren't playing till next weekend, gives me another week to practice my keeper skills. I am going to put my homework free status to good use and do some serious shopping in hogsmeade for my spoilee! I have the kit mostly planned out but I still have to decide on yarn, needles patterns. I have some ideas already and have some owls out gathering information for me.I only hope my spoilee loves her kit.
I am really enjoying the character theme this term. It gives me lots of great ideas. Well back to work researching pattern for yarn tranfiguration!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

care of magical creatures homework

Here are my 5 items that I feel would be very useful in the care and upkeep of magical creatures

1. a good strong heat resistant helmet. You only have one head you need to take care of it.
2. shovels rakes and implements of destruction. The bigger the magical creature is, the bigger....mess...they leave behind.
3. Respirator. Have you ever smelled a wet hippogryph? Enough said.
4. gloves. Magical creature care is a messy business and all manner of liquids are ex
5. Tongs. Some of the smaller creatures are more easily handled using tongs. They are also helpful for getting nifflers out of the ground.

part II House elves.

1. They are smallish humaniod looking creatures with big ears and big eyes. Usually around 2.5-3 feet tall. They are usually only clothed in a tea towel, pillowcase and the like.
2. Black Family
3.Knitted hats to set them free.
4. Give them clothes
5.Society for the Preservation of Elf Welfare.

Extra credit
I did the crochet design for duel club so I did the knitted version for homework!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transfiguration homework

It has been another hectic week down in the Slytherin house. I lost my duel last night but at least it was to another Slytherin!!

Here is my homework, I intended to do more, but this one transfiguration took ALOT of time.

Picture 1 is of my originatity marker (yes she is wearing a Ravenclaw scarf, that has been rectified!)
The next series of 3 pictures is of my finished bowtruckle, The 5th picture is after my first failed attempt. I decided to add some hot glue to the transfiguration components. The last picture is of all the components used in the spell.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Homework assignement #1

My Characters
by Emma Diggory

Molly Weasley:
I, like Molly, am a very practical knitter. Most of the garments and accesories I knit are for everyday wear by my family. I also believe that the more colors you use in a project the better chance you have of at least two of them matching. I admire her as a mother and can't imagine how she finds time to do it all with all those kids!Plus when she needs to be she is a bad ass!

Prof Snape:
Well of course the number one reason is that I love his voice and he is soooo bad it is sexy, but the main reason I chose Snape is Potions. I would LOVE to be potions master at Hogwarts! My muggle job is being a chemist and is about as close as I can come to making potions. I agree with him 100% that learning potions is the most important craft a witch or wizard can learn.

Prof Dumbledor:
I share Dumbledor's love of knowledge. Although I love poitions I find all the other areas of magic almost as interesting. I admire his wisdom and his compassion. I would also love to spend a few hours in his office playing around with all the cool magic items he has in there. I LOVE gadgets!I think he is also a spiffy dresser. And of course he loves a good knitting pattern.